Make disassembling your MOJO 22lr suppressor a breeze with our MOJO 22lr Takedown Tool.

MSRP: $40

The MOJO 22lr Takedown Tool from Kinetic Suppressor is specially made for the MOJO 22lr suppressor. This tool enables the user to properly remove the mono-core from the MOJO 22lr suppressor tube without damaging the suppressor tube or the mono-core.

Simply thread the larger threaded portion of the tool into the mounting end of the suppressor and rotate the handle end of the tool. As the center rod is rotated the brass tip will interface with the mono-core forcing the mono-core out of the suppressor tube. This is the ideal tool for removing a carbon-locked mono-core from the suppressor tube without damaging any part of the suppressor.

The handle end of the MOJO 22lr Takedown Tool doubles as an endcap removal tool for the MOJO 22lr suppressor. With rounded corners to minimize and prevent galling and marring of the endcap.